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OSI Board Elections 2022

This year I’m running as an affiliate candidate for the board of the Open Source Initiative, proposed by OpenUK You can view my candidate proposal on the OSI’s website, which goes into some detail about why I would like to be considered and what I might bring to the role. As has become somewhat of a ritual during the OSI elections, Luis Villa also posted a number of thought provoking questions on Twitter for all potential board candidates.

Building Your First KUDO Operator - Part 2

In part 1 of this blog series, we started to build a KUDO operator for Galera, and I showed how we built up plans, steps and tasks to create the Galera bootstrap node. In this second part, we’ll extend the operator to deploy more nodes into our Galera cluster. The next thing we need our operator to do is deploy the configuration required for the additional nodes to join the cluster initially.

Building Your First KUDO Operator - Part 1

So you’ve been using KUDO, tried some of the operators in the upstream repository, and now you want to write an operator for your own application. How do you go about doing that ? In this series of blog posts, I’m going to take you through writing a KUDO operator for Galera, an open source clustering solution for MariaDB. Setting up your environment 🔗Firstly, let’s get our development and test environment created.